Streak of Lean
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Streak of Lean
"em Lean Boyz is hell don't they"

Lean Boyz

One guy is Donn Cooper. The other guy is Brandon Chonko. Together we are Streak of Lean.

Cooper runs an agricultural consulting business.

Chonko runs a farm.

Both of us live in rural Georgia.

We talk about that.


Latest Episode

Phil Spencer from Farm’d

Our first guest! We enjoy the honor and privilege of keeping company with Phil Spencer, the Community Manager at Farm’d. A buying and distribution platform for local food, Farm’d facilitates linkages between restaurants and farmers. What they’re doing sounds so good, it makes one incredulous. We think you'll really like Phil and hearing about the job he's doing to help Georgia farmers get their product to market. Plus, we have scintillating intro talk, in which we cover the weather, drowned trucks, rural hospitals, pica, annoying turns of phrase, driving a tractor in your skivvies, cussing, and getting punk’d. Episode sponsored by the Georgia Sea Grill (@georgiaseagrill).


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