Streak of Lean
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Lean Boyz

One guy is Donn Cooper. The other guy is Brandon Chonko.

Together we are Streak of Lean.

Cooper runs an agricultural consulting business.

Chonko runs a farm.

Both of us live in rural Georgia.

We talk about that.


Latest Episode

Georgia Summer

We here! We didn't give up the podcast game, just got hella busy over the summer. The kind of busy where you're wore-ass out but can't remember what you accomplished. Brandon starts us back with discussing his pesky neighbors, Theresa and Daryl, and their complaints about his dogs. Theresa and Daryl, UGH. Then we get down to some solid farm talk, including: feral swine damage in South Georgia, USDA grants and local food systems investment, the inevitable trash and worn-out equipment that accumulate on every farm ("shame piles"), and sundry other topics along the way. Authentic outdoor sounds, too.


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