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Lean Boyz

One guy is Donn Cooper. The other guy is Brandon Chonko.

Together we are Streak of Lean.

Cooper runs an agricultural consulting business.

Chonko runs a farm.

Both of us live in rural Georgia.

We talk about that on our podcast.


Latest Podcast

Our Quarterly Episode

Early reviews of this episode are in, and critics are raving: “So lo-fi it was almost incomprehensible, but I loved every minute of it.” The De Soto Gazette-Herald calls it, “A surprisingly pleasant hour considering so little preparation went into the final product.” Coop walks across town while trying out new audio equipment that makes him sound underwater. Brandon is following his normal route, speeding away from cellular signals and into the lost coastal backwoods. Together they weave experimental sonic textures about ANTIFA, the pitiful things that farmers kill accidentally, littering and Southerners’ inability to embrace environmentalism, and new developments at Farm’D. We made this one short; so when it stops, it just sort of stops. Episode sponsored by Lang’s Marina Restaurant in St. Marys (@langsrestaurant).


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