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Father's Day

As I sit here today, that is what jumps out at me the most about my dad. Not the fact that he surely faced challenges, the fact that I never had any idea of it. The knowing that no matter what he faced during the day, when he got home at night he left it out there, in the world. He stood by that wayward teen. He believed in me in moments when I didn't believe in myself.

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Keeping It Between the Ditches

Summer marks the beginning of road trip season. Families and individuals traveling here and there, seeing this and that. One of my favorite pastimes on a good road trip is to take the back roads. The "short cut," as my kids call it. I enjoy passing through those off-the-beaten path places. For everything the Eisenhower interstate system has done for travel, one negative is the lack of scenery. Nothing in my estimation is quite as relaxing as blowing through the countryside, windows down, Tom Petty on the radio.

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Tattnall County Courthouse

The courthouse sits at the lone traffic light in town. It’s been remodeled a couple times over the years. My grandmother told stories of riding a mule as a young girl with her parents to hear Gene Talmadge stump for the dirt farmers at the courthouse, where he’d beg of them to “stay on the land” despite the rampant poverty, boll weevil, and depleted soil that ravaged so much of rural Georgia back then. “Crook,” she’d say. Not a fan.

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