Streak of Lean
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Lean Boyz

One guy is Donn Cooper. The other guy is Brandon Chonko.

Together we are Streak of Lean.

Cooper runs an agricultural consulting business.

Chonko runs a farm.

Both of us live in rural Georgia.

We talk about that.


Latest Episode

Wyatt Williams, Meat-Obsessed Expat

Wyatt Williams joins us all the way from Indonesia to talk food writing, burnout, the perfect farm, marketing, and American meat. But before that we have a long discussion about beginning farmers, the disappearance of livestock processing, and food safety. We decry the misguided war by the government against microorganisms, reevaluate science, and contemplate eating a raw chicken. Coop looks forward to upcoming events. Brandon has news about the expansion of his multimedia empire on the coast. A long episode for a good ride. Audio could be better. C'est la vie. Authentically lo-fi is our brand. 


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